2017 Summer Camps


Session 1:  June 5th thru June 16th (Basic)

Session 2:  June 19th thru July 30th (Basic)

Session 3:  July 10th thru July 21st (Advanced)

Session 4:  July 24th thru August 4th (Advanced)


Each 40 hour camp is $200.00 per student.



To Register for a Summer Camp Session click HERE or copy the following web address into your Internet browser:



Each 40 hour US Sailing curriculum course is 2 weeks in duration and meets Monday thru Friday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm on the grounds of the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club. To allow for more one on one instruction, classes are limited to 12 students.


Each student is required to complete a swimming test prior to class start date to determine each students ability to swim. Once the students swimming ability is established they will move on to an on land drill of learning to right their boat in the event of a capsize.


Students 8-13 years old will be trained on the Optimist sailboat

                                   Students 14-18 years old will be trained on Lasers and/or Club 420's

 Each student is then placed into an OPTI boat and completes a capsize drill in the water.  

This drill consists of the student tipping their boat over until it fills with water and begins sinking.


The student must then right their boat, climb aboard and begin bailing water. Once each

student completes the capsize drill, they realize they are capable of righting their boat if they should happen to capsize. Having the knowledge to do this allows the student to feel safe and comfortable while sailing.

Each class is accompanied by our two chase boats.

Allowing for a greater field of vision to watchover the students, each chase boat has 2 persons.


The summer months in Florida can cause dehydration quickly.

To aid in preventing this, each student is given 2 bottles of water

at the beginning of the days class as well as extra water on the chase boats if needed.

Instructors require students to take water breaks on a regular basis to rehydrate.

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