Our OPTI Saiboats are a safe, easy to handle and unsinkable boat that is the perfect size for our younger and smaller students aged 8-13.



Our 2 LASER RADIAL Sailboats are one person, Olympic class dinghies. The Laser Radial is a step up from the Opti. 

Our 420 is a safe unsinkable 2 person boat, perfect for the 14 and older students to learn to sail. The 420 also provides more experienced sailors with challenges to improve their skills. The 420 is used in many high school and college sailing programs.

Our 2 FLYING SCOT ONE DESIGN CENTERBOARD DINGHIES are for use by a skipper and up to 2 crew.These boats have spinnkers and are used for our Advanced Saturday Program, Teen Sailing Club and Adult Sailing Lesson Classes. They will also join the Charlotte Harbor Yacht Club Flying Scot Fleet 198 during club sponsored races, regattas and offering a higher level of racing competition for our teen students.

On the water, our Advisers and Instructors use our 70 HP 17' Novorania RIB,  70 HP 17'  Inmar RIB and our Logic 12' hard bodied 15 HP Dinghy.

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